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Dino Qiu

Born Guilty title sequence

Born Guilty is the story of a lonely and frazzled New York social worker (Rosanna Arquette) who can't resist the urge to intervene in her son Marty's life. This title sequence is designed to give the audience a little back story on how the mom became so dependent on her son.

Role: Lead Illustrator and Designer /Storyboard /Creative Direction 

Creative contribution:
I was leading the creative from the start of the project. By storyboarding out the story, I explored dozens of possiblity of staging and scene transition. From there we quickly decided what those big ten scenes are and how to connect them. 
Art Direction contribution:
The timeline happened in the 80s, we definitly want to get the 80s vibe. By doing a thorough R&D, I came up with the three main actors look. From there me and another illustrator Wenting Wu start to build styleframes for each scene.
Title Designer: James Coulson
Illustrator / Animator: Yandong Qiu, Wenting Wu

Character Design:

Judith(Marty's Mother) - Rosanna Arquette in 80s fashion

Marty's Father and other characters:

Design Frames:

More Works: