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Dino Qiu

NY Subway Portrait 2019 (personal)

This is my project of the year. I do one or two daily commute drawings every day for the whole 2019. With 280+ drawings capturing 800+ New Yorkers, I think this year's project is a great success.

It all starts with curiosity, and then become persistence. But it eventually became just a habit. There has been many times I doubt about the process and questioned if I was only repeating myself, but day after day, week after week, the skills slowly builded up. I can always see and feel the difference happening.

The experience is quite uniqle. It almost feels like hiking — you don’t feel the changes every step brings to you, but eventually you will. Thanks to this practice this year, I got to see the power of persistence and the scenery I was not able to see before.

According to a survey by staffing firm Robert in 2017, the average round-trip commute for New York City jobs comes to 57.92 minutes.
In my case it’s a bit longer. Some people choose to use that time to rest, some choose to study.. I choose to use my sketch book to record what I see everyday, and I believe Everyone’s commute is worth being remembered, at least should not be ignorred. It’s a piece of our life, part of what we are.

Role: Illustrator
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Full credits: Yandong Qiu

More Works:

Adventure in Maldives (2018)

Storyboard for CITIC Bank short animation Series.
This is a story about Three monster friends going through a serious troubles during their vacation time in Maldives.

Role: Storyboard Artist
Storyboarding and pitching

Client: CITIC Bank


Flip through-

Storyboard Layout:

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Storyboarding pitch for Wells Fargo

Produced at NiceShoes

More Works:

Sage of Light

This is an Chinese fantasy movie starring Shawn Dou and Dilraba. 
This scene is about our hero archer Hou YI use his power to shoot the twin devil dragon and the villages.

Role: Storyboard Artist



Kia Rex 

An award-winning 3 mins long 3D animation short.
Kia, a two year old boy, is swept away by his imagination. After chasing after his favorite toy he envisions a world filled with dinosaurs and adventure.

Role: Director/ Art Director (Full credits)
This is my personal film. The so-called one man project, actually requires lots of sweat

Director: Yandong Qiu
Animation: Yandong Qiu
Rigging: Harris Wu, Yandong Qiu
Music: Dan Erben
Sound Design: Dedrick Sarzaba
Lighting, Texturing: Yandong Qiu
Additional Modeling: Chen Chang, Yijun Liu, Zhao Wang, Harris Wu

Still frames:

Production Design:

Concept Development:



Matte Painting BD
Lighting BD Characters

Lightning BD Vehicles


1.Festival: 2015 California Film Awards
Award: Diamond Award in Animated Film Competition

2.Festival: 1st Davis International Film Festival (DIFF) 2015
Award: Winner of the Award for Best Children’s Animation

3.Festival: Beijing Film Academy 14th Animation Academy Awards 
Award: Award for Excellent Film

4.Festival: CIFF2016 (Children’s International Film festival)
Award: One of the three Audience Choice Awards in  International Short Film category

5.Festical: 7thCMS International Children’s Film Festival-2015 (‘7-15’ April, 2015)
Award: Official Selected and Screening at World Cinema section

6.Festival: 10th Annual Sunscreen Film Fest (2015)
Award: Official Selection

7.Festival: 5th Bengaluru International Short Film Festival  (BISFF 2015).
Award: Official selection, screening

8.Festival: "AniFestROZAFA2015 " Film Festival 2015
Award: Official Selection

9. Festival: BAD FILM FEST 2015 AWARD
Award: Winner of The Adventure Award

10.Festival:Très Court International Film Festival 17th edition
Award: Official Selection in “Family selection” Section

11.1st The Comedy World Network International Film Festival(2018)
Award: Finalist, Screening

12.Festival:  2015 CG Student Awards by Autodesk
Award: Film of the Year


More Works: