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Dino Qiu

Kia Rex 

An award-winning 3 mins long 3D animation short.
Kia, a two year old boy, is swept away by his imagination. After chasing after his favorite toy he envisions a world filled with dinosaurs and adventure.

Role: Director/ Art Director (Full credits)
This is my personal film. The so-called one man project, actually requires lots of sweat

Director: Yandong Qiu
Animation: Yandong Qiu
Rigging: Harris Wu, Yandong Qiu
Music: Dan Erben
Sound Design: Dedrick Sarzaba
Lighting, Texturing: Yandong Qiu
Additional Modeling: Chen Chang, Yijun Liu, Zhao Wang, Harris Wu

Still frames:

Production Design:

Concept Development:



Matte Painting BD
Lighting BD Characters

Lightning BD Vehicles


1.Festival: 2015 California Film Awards
Award: Diamond Award in Animated Film Competition

2.Festival: 1st Davis International Film Festival (DIFF) 2015
Award: Winner of the Award for Best Children’s Animation

3.Festival: Beijing Film Academy 14th Animation Academy Awards 
Award: Award for Excellent Film

4.Festival: CIFF2016 (Children’s International Film festival)
Award: One of the three Audience Choice Awards in  International Short Film category

5.Festical: 7thCMS International Children’s Film Festival-2015 (‘7-15’ April, 2015)
Award: Official Selected and Screening at World Cinema section

6.Festival: 10th Annual Sunscreen Film Fest (2015)
Award: Official Selection

7.Festival: 5th Bengaluru International Short Film Festival  (BISFF 2015).
Award: Official selection, screening

8.Festival: "AniFestROZAFA2015 " Film Festival 2015
Award: Official Selection

9. Festival: BAD FILM FEST 2015 AWARD
Award: Winner of The Adventure Award

10.Festival:Très Court International Film Festival 17th edition
Award: Official Selection in “Family selection” Section

11.1st The Comedy World Network International Film Festival(2018)
Award: Finalist, Screening

12.Festival:  2015 CG Student Awards by Autodesk
Award: Film of the Year


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