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Dino Qiu

Does Time Exist?

A fun and educational animated short film for TED-Ed, which contemplates whether time is something that physically exists or is just in our heads. 

Role: Design Director
I develop the illustrated 2D style for the overall piece.
Responsible for art diection, concept art, designing styleframe, color key and Einstein character design.
Director: Harry Dorrington
Educator: Andrew Zimmerman Jones
Executive Producer: Angela Bowen
Director of Animation: Nikola Vulovic
Design Director: Yandong ‘Dino’ Qiu
CG Director: Andy Zazzera
CG Lead: Alex Kline
CG Supervisor: Ana Pakljanac
Previsualization Artist: Yongji Chen
3D Modeler: Lazar Stokic
Editor: Eugen Bekafigo
Head of Production: Nancy Giandomenico
Producers: Laura Noonan, Ivan Pribicevic, Alan Robertson
Sound Design: Eugen Bekafigo
Music: Louis Bergstrom
Audio Post Production: Sound Lounge
Audio Mixer: Rob DiFondi
Audio Post Producer: Alicia Rodgers

Design Frames:

Color Scheme:

We utilized bold, bright colors, which helped in conveying the passage of time from day to night, throughout the seasons, and to imagine an alternate universe Einstein who exists in a reality where time flows in reverse. Working with this palette was key to making these complex concepts accessible to a wide range of viewers.

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